Life is Tough, Get a Helmet

Life is Tough, Get a Helmet (book)

Print: $9.95

In this book is a set of instructions, guaranteed, if followed, to improve your chances of reaching your goals and objectives. Dare to share it with the people that you care about and it will absolutely improve your environment. It’s a simple book with a powerful message from regular people that consistently beat the odds. Some contributors are historical figures while others are probably in your social networks.

How To Score with Credit: What They Don't Teach in High School about Credit

How To Score with Credit: What They Don’t Teach in High School about Credit (book)

Print: $9.95

The most important document after you graduate from high school is your credit report. Your credit report is being used to obtain employment, purchase a car, secure a competitive mortgage for a home and activate utilities, start and maintain a business and in some cases to obtain a hand in marriage. How To Score with Credit gives you the inside scoop on what you should have been taught in high school about credit and what you need to know today about how to manage, protect and increase your scores.

How To Score With A Mortgage

How To Score With A Mortgage (book)

Print: $9.92

There are thousands of horror stories that are told regarding the home buying process especially when it comes down to mortgage financing. Many of the stories of fraud, closing table surprises and predatory lending situations could have been avoided if home buyers were empowered with the knowledge of how mortgage financing really works. If you are purchasing your first home as a primary residence or getting your “feet wet” in the world of investment property purchases knowing how mortgage financing works with put you steps ahead. When you are building your team for the purchase of a home and your team is aware that you are knowledgeable about mortgage financing their level of service will increase. If buying a home is the most important purchase in your life then paying for it will be the most expensive liability in your life. It makes sense to learn how to score with a mortgage.

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