Part-Time Income could Kill You.

rkIt seems that every day I am pitched a business that I can do part time in my spare time. No experience is needed and I have to get in on it now because it’s at the ground floor and expanding. I’m told that I look like I can offer a lot and would be great at it while at the same time in would be an additional income stream, if I leave my income options open. “Hmmmm…Interesting…”  I am suddenly tossed a several tie down questions that force me to say yes because after all, tie down questions were made for it.

  • “Having more time is important to you, Isn’t it?” (nodding the head yes)
  • “Having more income would be something that you would like, wouldn’t it?” (nodding the head yes)

If you ever experience this type of pitch than you are most likely being pitched a Multi-Level Marketing Program. I love to listen to the pitches because I am a Sales and Marketing Fanatic.

Here are several things to think about the next time you are being pitched a MLM or any business:

  • Anything that generates income is a business (Employees are businesses too. They just don’t control the pay check).
  • You are being pitched a business franchise (like McDonalds), treat it like one.
  • Any business that you buy YOU will start on at the ground floor and always looking to expand.
  • Any business can make money you money. You can become a millionaire selling rubber bands or Gold Plated Door Knobs if that’s your passion.
  • If you are not passionate about the product or service that the business is offering your Return on Investment will be minimal.
  • Part-time is for employees not for business owners.
  • All companies have unproductive people so remember to check out the team you are getting involved with.
  • If you really want to know the details ask the pitcher for his or her financials or at lease his or her mentor. You have a better chance of succeeding with people that been to the place that you are trying to go.

I’ve seen many successes stories in MLM Franchises but believe me those successes are because the individuals have treated their MLM as a business and not a part-time job.

How Vomiting Can Cost You A Lot Of Money.

VomitWhat would happen if you walked by a fast food restaurant  and suddenly a person working at the restaurant rushed out the door to give you information about the items that they have to offer? As soon as you open your mouth to ask a question the person talks over you and continues to attempt to convince you to dine with them. How would you feel about the restaurant and its employees? What would make you decide to try them out despite their brash approach and your need to get to where you were going in the first place? What would have happen if the employee started a conversation and gave you an opportunity to try them now or come back later?

I’ve noticed lately that a lot of businesses seem to vomit on their prospects and current customers with tons of  information. This happens when a business assumes a need instead of probing for one. If businesses and their representatives begin to ask the right questions, prospects will begin to tell the businesses what they would like to buy and how they would like to buy it. Everyone likes to buy however no one likes to be sold to.

Start paying attention to needs. Find out what you prospects truly like and not specifically what you like for them. If you continue to throw-up on your customer then someone will come along and clean your customer up for you and develop the relationship that you should have developed. It doesn’t stop after the first sell. Needs are always changing and so should your offerings and your relationship with your customers and prospects.