The “Customer” is Queen, satisfy her!

When a company thinks about its customer most only consider the customer that purchases their product or service. With that thought they also create Experiences, whether negative or positive, for that one customer type. That experience, when it’s positive, normally centers on creating an environment that encourages a customer to buy, buy more or refer someone else to buy. This strategy is a one dimensional as it only pin points one customer type. However, in most organizations there are at least three different customer types; Purchasing Customer (Queen), Supporting Customer and Strategic Customer. In some cases there is also an Investing Customer.  In order to ultimately satisfy the Purchasing Customer the organization must have an Experience to satisfy the other customers as well.

Creating one Experience that encompasses all the customer types is suicide. Though many Experiences may be similar in nature it must be a key difference in order to satisfy the unique customer type and their ulterior motives.

Let’s look at the four major types:

Purchasing Customer: This customer is the basis of growth and actually the “Queen” customer. Experiences created for this customer must be produced to satisfy the emotional need of purchasing a product or service and their logical reasoning for purchasing it. It is important to create an Experience that satisfies their need to talk about their purchase to others.

Supporting Customer: This customer is the employee of an organization, the “King” customer. In order to create a Profitable Experience for the Purchasing Customer, the “Queen”, it is important that the Experience created for the Supporting Customer is built around Team Work and Individual Growth. If the Experience for this customer is not satisfied an organization risks the chance of creating a Positive Experience for the Purchasing Customer. To neglect this customer is to neglect company growth and increase employee turnover.

Strategic Customer: This customer is usually a provider or vendor. Referrals from strategic relationships are a huge deal these days. Vendors have a vested interest in an organization especially if the vendor has a single product that it delivers. If the organization stays in business then the vendor prospers as well. Experiences created for this customer group centers around team work, communication and empowering the vendors to refer business. This will also result in higher service quality which could result in better product and pricing for the organization.

Investing Customer: This customer is your investor. The Experience for this customer must center on creating an emotional and logical reason for this customer to increase their investment or bring other investors to the table when needed. The Experience for the Investing Customer is not as emotional as the Purchasing Company however there is an emotional side to this logical customer type.

Once organizations begin to identify each customer type applicable to its business, create an effective Experience for each type their marketing investment will decrease and productivity will increase in a record amount time and their pool of satisfied Purchasing Customers will be unlimited.

How to Slap the Mess out of Someone!

slapHave you ever been slapped, slapped someone, wished you could have or know someone you should slap? If so, then you can appreciate why a slap in the face can be helpful in getting your point across to your target and everyone that is in the vicinity.  I’m not encouraging that you literally slap your customer however your means of getting their attention and making your point is similar.

When you slap someone you are interrupting their status quo and if you slap them hard enough you’ll interrupt everyone else as well. Most of your customers are already using the service that you are soliciting to them. Unfortunately, you are not the one providing the service to them.  Your chances of replacing their current provider are slim until your target has a reason to get ditch them. The reasons to ditch their current vendor can include better pricing (usually not the case), the current vendor has made unforgiving mistakes, the thrill is gone or there are no results to justify the investment.

So how do you position yourself to slap them in the face when the time comes or as the time winds down to your turn? You have to think beyond just the “WOW” approach. You want to slap them so hard that they tell their friends and colleagues how great it felt. As a matter-of-fact you want to slap them in front of enough people so that everyone that witnesses the encounter can’t wait to stand in line to get slapped.

So here are few general principles that you need to know to be an effective slapper:

  1. Don’t physically slap anyone as this will defeat your purpose (at least for the purpose of marketing).
  2. In marketing, the name of the game is interruption. In order for you to get new clients you no longer have to wow them you have to slap them with an experience that they are not used to.
  3. Slapping is not a one time deal you have to do it over and over again.
  4. Find out what your customers or prospects wish they could get from their current vendor and any potential vendor (including yourself) that they are currently not getting. Then slap them with that feature.
  5. Always try to build campaigns that force your target to share with someone else online and offline. It’s sort of like sending flowers to someone’s place of employment. Everyone at their place of business would like to get involved, be nosy, find out who the flowers are from and talk about it.

Disclaimer: If you decide to physically slap someone please do not contact me for bail money, back-up or moral support. You’re on your own.

Why being hard headed can help you succeed

Team Work

I remember so many things my mom used to tell me during my youth. “Don’t do that”, “Don’t do this”, “Always watch this”, “Never watch that”. It was as though she had some instruction manual memorized from her mom that she was verbally passing on to me and my sisters. I always heard them however I didn’t always listen. That’s when I realized that some rules I would have to learn for myself. Of course, I say that in hindsight.

In marketing it’s the same. There are so many “rules” and “laws” in marketing that it will drive you crazy trying adhering to them. Do yourself a favor, experiment. The way business is conducted these days call for new ways of thinking and believe it or not in order to be on top someone is going to have to make a sacrifice and put it all on the line just to see what happens. Google reinvented the way search engines work and experimented with auctioning ad space. They made a bet and won. Apple took a risk with the I-Phone and made it into a huge success. They didn’t follow the rules they re-wrote them.

The key to experimenting is developing a great team so if you decide to go out on a limb and stick your head where it doesn’t belong, you’ll have some help getting it out so you can try something else until you get the hang of it.

Be the Master – A Word with Master Boozer

Master Boozer

Master Boozer

As often as possible we like to interview fun and exciting people in the interest of learning more about their experience marketing the things that they do best. We pose the questions and are guests answer them. We would like to introduce you to a Martial Arts Master, Wayne Boozer a.k.a. Master Boozer ( Follow him, get to know him and learn from him. The best teachers are excellent students.

His Bio

I’m a 16 year student of the martial arts and a 12 year veteran of the marine industry.  I was only recently transplanted into the League City, Texas area with the company Team Services & Liquid Transfer. I ran a pretty successful inner city karate program for men, women and children in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at a local YMCA; with our crowning achievement being a trip to Acapulco to compete against students from around the entire world.  Happily married and a father of 3, I now look to start another karate program here in my local area.  My grandmaster once told me to “teach from the heart and the students will come”.  Sometimes it’s not easy balancing family life, the career and my passion for teaching; but idle hands are the devil’s handiwork….and there’s too much knowledge not to share!

Marketing Questions/Answers:

1.                  Tell us about the greatest marketing mistake that you ever made and what you learned from it?

The biggest mistake in marketing that I’ve ever made is to sit, wait, and assume that something will be dropped into my lap.  I’ve experienced a lot of good luck over the years, but that’s all it was.  The things that you really want, you really have to hustle for.  I’m trying to open another karate school for example.  Because I’m doing it unassisted, I see just how much work it is.

2.                  In your field what is the single most important rule to remember when it comes to marketing?

Ha!  Be ready to jump into action at any time and any place.  You never know when opportunity is going to knock, and it WILL pass you by if you’re not prepared.  It seems like such a simple rule to follow, but few people actually do.

3.                  What Social Network are most addicted to? Why?

It’s a close race between twitter and Facebook.  I discovered Facebook when I found that all of my old high school buddies were there, and I always refer to it as MySpace for old folks.  Still, I seem to be a natural at twitter, and my interest in the social networking thing is growing.

4.                  What is the funniest marketing story that you continue to talk about to this day?

Y’know, I’m in 2 fields.  I’m in the marine industry by day, and I teach martial arts at night.  Believe it or not, there are a LOT of similarities in leadership.  As far as funny, stories go; I’d have to say that it involves martial arts.  We instructors have an old saying.  You’ll either love the class or I’ll chase you away permanently.  It’s amazing how many lifelong students you get with statements like this……

5.                  As a consumer what company’s marketing campaign do you enjoy the most?

Honestly, if you make me laugh, I’m going to pay attention.  So many companies have learned to tap into that sort of thing as well (especially in a world where the economy isn’t cooperating).  I find myself paying the most attention to LaQuinta and Progressive these days.  Endearing characters that make me smile.

Master Wayne Boozer

Follow him at


Thank you Master Boozer for sharing your experience and “Giving People a Reason to Talk about You”


Are you sure you’re in the right business?

Could it be possible that the business that you think you are in is not quite the business that you are really in?

It seems that no matter what business you claim to be your calling card, marketing is your main business and the selling of your product or service becomes the score card for your marketing success.

Products and services, good or bad, will be purchased by consumers as a result of a great marketing strategy being effectively executed. If a product or service is a bad one or one that does not meet the standard of the customer than a great marketing strategy will have a means of handling the situation and creating an overall satisfactory experience for the buyer in order to reduce the risk of negative gossip.

Marketing consist of several areas including packaging, pricing, advertising, promotions, public relations, positioning, customer service, to name a few.

All businesses market just as all people are sales people. Some are better than others. Those that not strong in the area of marketing learn or hire someone that is strong while they focus on the things that they are strong at.

Marketing is your business not a department.

Why are you so loyal?

As a business you may want to study loyalty patterns that can assist you with obtaining and maintaining the business of your customer or clients. Although there are many theories and concepts on how to build brand loyalty, company loyalty, product loyalty or raving fans a lot of times it boils down to the basics.

If you are looking to start a business or sell a service or product identify your 10 closest friends, family members, colleagues or a mixture of all 3 and then perform a study. However before you perform this study be sure that you evaluate yourself as well. This study is only for the purpose of studying loyalty patterns although you may get more out of it.

Here is what you will need to ask your study group:

  • At what store do you shop for food and why?
  • At what store do you shop for clothes and why?
  • At what restaurant do you enjoy eating at and why?
  • How did you hear about these places?
  • What happened that convince you to keep going to these places that had nothing to do with saving money?
  • What was the last thing that you purchased but really didn’t use?

These are just a few questions. I encourage you to make up your own to spark a full blown conversation so that you may listen for loyalty signals. Most loyalty signals will be emotional words. The people you pick will have generally the same patterns because people tend to associate with people that they have at least one thing in common.

Once you evaluate your answers use the research to help develop a loyalty campaign for your wares and then approach the same people as if your business already exist however do not claim it as yours but someone else’s. Let them tell you what they think.

Marketing is mix of many things including understanding behavior patterns and basic research. You perform enough of these you can turn your customers into evangelist and “Give Them a Reason to Talk about You.”

How are you? Fine and You? Who Cares?

One most effective marketing tool that a person has is conversation. Conversation makes the world go around. Although we may Tweet, email, fax or text information to one another, nothing beats speaking to a live, breathing and emotional human being.


Why is it when the opportunity presents itself to speak to someone in person or over the phone we asks and respond in average cliché’s such as


How are you?

I’m fine and you?

I’m fine.


Or you may say good morning and the response is the same. However what are we actually saying?


People are so busy thinking about themselves that they forget that human interaction is the opportunity to advance to the next stage of the development needed to succeed. This is only completed by helping as many people get what they want. Have you notice when you greet someone that most people jut past right by each other in the midst of the greeting. Does “I’m fine” would brighten up your day or anyone elses day? Is “Good Morning” a question or a statement of how good your morning is or are you telling the other person to have a good morning?


Try this and watch the other person’s reaction:

  • When greeting someone or someone is greeting you do your best to stop and greet. If the person walks by you as people normally do when greeting then turn around until you are finished you’re greeting even if they keep walking by. Sometimes people can feel you looking at them or feel the passion in your response and turn around to reciprocate your effort.
  • When someone ask how you are doing say one the following (Incredible, I’m Amazed, Fantastic) and then tell the person why. If the person asking has taken the time to ask they may be looking for inspiration, so inspire.
  • If someone says “Good Morning”, then you say “Yes it is!” and then you tell them why it is.

You have to say the above with some passion and meaning. If you do not have anything to be excited about then you are nearly alive and not living, so find someone who is exciting and find out what they are doing.


Once you begin this practice when greeting you will find that people are excited to be around you and will be willing to help you reach your goals and “Give People a Reason to Talk about You“.