How to Create a Great Experience


I am an avid fan of companies that provide incredible experiences for their customers. Although all companies provide experiences, not all experiences are positive. In an effort to assist companies build positively amazing experiences that will get people talking, here are 5 main points to consider:

Find your cause – This is the basic step in building your foundation. Your company’s cause will help determine if you are aligned with the right team and customer base. Without your cause nothing else will matter.

Study – Find out the various ways that your customer base is using your product or service. What does your customer like about your product or service?

Research – Learn what your customer would like that you or your competitors are not currently delivering.

Strategize – Develop a method to deliver what your customer likes and what your customer wishes that you or your competitor would deliver that you are not currently delivering.

Deliver – When delivering find ways to engage your customer’s 5 senses. People are emotional buyers and the fastest way to stir up emotions is to tap into their sense of smell, taste, touch, feeling and sight.

People do not talk to others about your products and services until they can connect it to an experience that has slapped them in the face. Unfortunately, this fact is true for a negative experience as well as a positive one.

Is Your Committee Effective?

commitmentCommittee’s are formed to achieve an objective needed for the obtainment of a larger goal. In order to have an effective committee with a productive experience all members should be committed. To be committed means that all members are functioning even when the members do not feel like it. When evaluating your committee here are other areas of concern to consider in order to be effective:

  • How many members are adequate for the committee to reach its?
  • Are the members talents appropriate for the committee?
  • Is there a written and measurable goal with a deadline?
  • Are there written and measurable action steps to achieve that goal with deadlines?
  • Are the meetings recorded on paper or some other media in order to reference past meetings and decisions?

The above are quick ways to tell if a committee will be an effective one. Effective committee’s produce results. Ineffective committee’s produce more meetings.

How to Improve the Flying Experience

After evaluating several airline experiences we couldn’t help but show this video regarding the Virgin Atlantic Experience. This is a prime example of how to evolve a product into an experience and how “Slapping People is Great for Business”. Thanks Virgin Atlantic for interrupting the norm.

Why you shouldn’t use Twitter or Facebook

ETwittervery company does not need Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin or any of the other popular Social Networking Media accounts, at least not at the moment. Many companies are jumping in the Social Networking Media arena like a person that changes cell phones every time a new model comes out without fully maximizing on their current model on hand.

Social Networking Media itself is a tool that can help improve the position of a business, however it’s not THE improvement. Including a social media strategy for the sake of it being the “in thing” is purely a waste of time and resources. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh said it perfectly, “Embarking on a social media strategy to help with marketing is like embarking on a facial muscle strategy to help with smiling”

Here are three reasons why companies should not use Social Networking Media:

No time to engage. There is not a better waste of time, money and internet space than to set up a profile and not have the time to engage in the sport of networking. Social Networking Media is for the purpose of engaging. If your purpose is just to inform then you may as well start a news site.

Useless status updates. Attend a live event and update people using the updates that you use on Twitter. Would you be interested? If not, rethink your updates.

Advertising. Advertising is silly. People are more interested in what you do while your doing it not what you say you do. If you are a printer tell me about the crazy print job that you have taken on. Lead me on to ask for more information. Bait me to engage.

For companies that have Social Networking Media Accounts and do not engage productively will waste so much time and money being sidetracked by everyone else’s conversation that they will eventually loose their own voice, online and offline.

You have enough time, stop complaining!

Sun DialA typical day is broken up into to 24 hours. Some say 8 hours is for rest, 8 hours is for relaxation or recreation and 8 hours is for work. If this is the case, quite often it is not, no one actually uses the 8 hours to their advantage by maximizing on the time.

Start planning your meetings and appointments at odd times of the day. Instead of having your meetings at 11:00 have it at 11:12 or 10:57.  By using this tactic you can use the minutes that are seldom used in the day. The time will also stick in most people’s mind because it interrupts their natural flow of information. More importantly people will begin to respect your time because you respect it.

Grow your Business while on Vacation

VacationMany people think that they can do everything themselves when it comes to business. Eventually burn-out begins to peek its ugly head from behind the hard work. After burn-out comes procrastination, excuses that make sense and then excuses that are truly ridiculous. The biggest excuse that I’ve heard for doing everything, “No one can do it like I do it” or “If you want something done right then you have to do it yourself.”

My wife has her idea of a clean house and for some reason in her mind the way she would like the house cleaned is the best way.  However trying to translate her “best way” to the children eventually became a serious obstacle. The children would clean the house like they knew “Mom” would have liked it cleaned and then “Mom” would come behind them and find something that was not done properly according to her internal “Clean House” Monitor.

After her several attempts at explaining to myself and the children we decided to develop a way to translate her method and have the children clean the house as if my wife was cleaning it herself. We purchased a notebook and my wife went from room to room cleaning and explaining. We evenutally developed a checklist for each area of the house. Each child on Saturday morning received a one page checklist of what needed to be cleaned and how to clean for a specific area of the house. Once the checklist was completed another child would review it and sign off on it. The children found the checklist easy to follow and they were able to get through the house faster since the process was written out and didn’t allow a lot of thinking to complete it. My wife was able to be at peace knowing that the house was cleaned as if she had done it. Eventually my sister-in-law asked if we could provide the same system for her children in her home.

As an entrepreneur, building a system is a key component to every business as it will allow you to move on to manage other aspects of growing your business while managing the system and not the details. If you do it all then that will be all that you can do, nothing more and nothing less. Build your business by developing a system that delivers quality results 99.9% of the time with or without you. That is what makes your business valuable.

The true test of a productive system is the ability to take a vacation for a while and come back to the same or better results from the system then when you left.

How to Slap the Mess out of Someone!

slapHave you ever been slapped, slapped someone, wished you could have or know someone you should slap? If so, then you can appreciate why a slap in the face can be helpful in getting your point across to your target and everyone that is in the vicinity.  I’m not encouraging that you literally slap your customer however your means of getting their attention and making your point is similar.

When you slap someone you are interrupting their status quo and if you slap them hard enough you’ll interrupt everyone else as well. Most of your customers are already using the service that you are soliciting to them. Unfortunately, you are not the one providing the service to them.  Your chances of replacing their current provider are slim until your target has a reason to get ditch them. The reasons to ditch their current vendor can include better pricing (usually not the case), the current vendor has made unforgiving mistakes, the thrill is gone or there are no results to justify the investment.

So how do you position yourself to slap them in the face when the time comes or as the time winds down to your turn? You have to think beyond just the “WOW” approach. You want to slap them so hard that they tell their friends and colleagues how great it felt. As a matter-of-fact you want to slap them in front of enough people so that everyone that witnesses the encounter can’t wait to stand in line to get slapped.

So here are few general principles that you need to know to be an effective slapper:

  1. Don’t physically slap anyone as this will defeat your purpose (at least for the purpose of marketing).
  2. In marketing, the name of the game is interruption. In order for you to get new clients you no longer have to wow them you have to slap them with an experience that they are not used to.
  3. Slapping is not a one time deal you have to do it over and over again.
  4. Find out what your customers or prospects wish they could get from their current vendor and any potential vendor (including yourself) that they are currently not getting. Then slap them with that feature.
  5. Always try to build campaigns that force your target to share with someone else online and offline. It’s sort of like sending flowers to someone’s place of employment. Everyone at their place of business would like to get involved, be nosy, find out who the flowers are from and talk about it.

Disclaimer: If you decide to physically slap someone please do not contact me for bail money, back-up or moral support. You’re on your own.