In addition to the workshops and seminars below, we can customize or develop an event to fill your needs.

The 90 Day Breakthrough!!

This workshop is designed for attendees that wish to achieve a specific objectives in 90 days or less and are willing to make a commitment to achieve it. This is not for the weak at heart.

How to Get a Job in 45 Days or Less, Period!!

This full day workshop is designed for attendees that wish to secure a job in the next 45 days. This is a hand- on workshop, filled with role playing and practical tools needed to develop the skills to obtain a job.

Slapping People is Great for Business

This workshop is dedicated to making customer experiences a live and profitable reality within your organization. It is designed with two critical principles in mind: practicality and execution. Every idea and concept presented has been tested in a real corporate environment and it worked! We are committed to sharing practical best and next practices that will transform your organization’s customer experience and service so it is profitable, delightful, and engaging.


Tell-A-Vision is a workshop that increases revenue and productivity by focusing on the true reason customers buy, the story they tell themselves. Practical and measurable solutions are used in this workshop to pull out the underlining theme of the story that organizations inadvertently tell their customers and the actual story the customer experience. Organizations discover why people are not buying, why recessions do not matter and how to turn their customers into advocates for their brand using a compelling story that engages their customers and their customer’s friends.

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