How to Create a Great Experience


I am an avid fan of companies that provide incredible experiences for their customers. Although all companies provide experiences, not all experiences are positive. In an effort to assist companies build positively amazing experiences that will get people talking, here are 5 main points to consider:

Find your cause – This is the basic step in building your foundation. Your company’s cause will help determine if you are aligned with the right team and customer base. Without your cause nothing else will matter.

Study – Find out the various ways that your customer base is using your product or service. What does your customer like about your product or service?

Research – Learn what your customer would like that you or your competitors are not currently delivering.

Strategize – Develop a method to deliver what your customer likes and what your customer wishes that you or your competitor would deliver that you are not currently delivering.

Deliver – When delivering find ways to engage your customer’s 5 senses. People are emotional buyers and the fastest way to stir up emotions is to tap into their sense of smell, taste, touch, feeling and sight.

People do not talk to others about your products and services until they can connect it to an experience that has slapped them in the face. Unfortunately, this fact is true for a negative experience as well as a positive one.


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