Is Your Committee Effective?

commitmentCommittee’s are formed to achieve an objective needed for the obtainment of a larger goal. In order to have an effective committee with a productive experience all members should be committed. To be committed means that all members are functioning even when the members do not feel like it. When evaluating your committee here are other areas of concern to consider in order to be effective:

  • How many members are adequate for the committee to reach its?
  • Are the members talents appropriate for the committee?
  • Is there a written and measurable goal with a deadline?
  • Are there written and measurable action steps to achieve that goal with deadlines?
  • Are the meetings recorded on paper or some other media in order to reference past meetings and decisions?

The above are quick ways to tell if a committee will be an effective one. Effective committee’s produce results. Ineffective committee’s produce more meetings.


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