Why you shouldn’t use Twitter or Facebook

ETwittervery company does not need Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin or any of the other popular Social Networking Media accounts, at least not at the moment. Many companies are jumping in the Social Networking Media arena like a person that changes cell phones every time a new model comes out without fully maximizing on their current model on hand.

Social Networking Media itself is a tool that can help improve the position of a business, however it’s not THE improvement. Including a social media strategy for the sake of it being the “in thing” is purely a waste of time and resources. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh said it perfectly, “Embarking on a social media strategy to help with marketing is like embarking on a facial muscle strategy to help with smiling”

Here are three reasons why companies should not use Social Networking Media:

No time to engage. There is not a better waste of time, money and internet space than to set up a profile and not have the time to engage in the sport of networking. Social Networking Media is for the purpose of engaging. If your purpose is just to inform then you may as well start a news site.

Useless status updates. Attend a live event and update people using the updates that you use on Twitter. Would you be interested? If not, rethink your updates.

Advertising. Advertising is silly. People are more interested in what you do while your doing it not what you say you do. If you are a printer tell me about the crazy print job that you have taken on. Lead me on to ask for more information. Bait me to engage.

For companies that have Social Networking Media Accounts and do not engage productively will waste so much time and money being sidetracked by everyone else’s conversation that they will eventually loose their own voice, online and offline.


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