Grow your Business while on Vacation

VacationMany people think that they can do everything themselves when it comes to business. Eventually burn-out begins to peek its ugly head from behind the hard work. After burn-out comes procrastination, excuses that make sense and then excuses that are truly ridiculous. The biggest excuse that I’ve heard for doing everything, “No one can do it like I do it” or “If you want something done right then you have to do it yourself.”

My wife has her idea of a clean house and for some reason in her mind the way she would like the house cleaned is the best way.  However trying to translate her “best way” to the children eventually became a serious obstacle. The children would clean the house like they knew “Mom” would have liked it cleaned and then “Mom” would come behind them and find something that was not done properly according to her internal “Clean House” Monitor.

After her several attempts at explaining to myself and the children we decided to develop a way to translate her method and have the children clean the house as if my wife was cleaning it herself. We purchased a notebook and my wife went from room to room cleaning and explaining. We evenutally developed a checklist for each area of the house. Each child on Saturday morning received a one page checklist of what needed to be cleaned and how to clean for a specific area of the house. Once the checklist was completed another child would review it and sign off on it. The children found the checklist easy to follow and they were able to get through the house faster since the process was written out and didn’t allow a lot of thinking to complete it. My wife was able to be at peace knowing that the house was cleaned as if she had done it. Eventually my sister-in-law asked if we could provide the same system for her children in her home.

As an entrepreneur, building a system is a key component to every business as it will allow you to move on to manage other aspects of growing your business while managing the system and not the details. If you do it all then that will be all that you can do, nothing more and nothing less. Build your business by developing a system that delivers quality results 99.9% of the time with or without you. That is what makes your business valuable.

The true test of a productive system is the ability to take a vacation for a while and come back to the same or better results from the system then when you left.


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