How to Slap the Mess out of Someone!

slapHave you ever been slapped, slapped someone, wished you could have or know someone you should slap? If so, then you can appreciate why a slap in the face can be helpful in getting your point across to your target and everyone that is in the vicinity.  I’m not encouraging that you literally slap your customer however your means of getting their attention and making your point is similar.

When you slap someone you are interrupting their status quo and if you slap them hard enough you’ll interrupt everyone else as well. Most of your customers are already using the service that you are soliciting to them. Unfortunately, you are not the one providing the service to them.  Your chances of replacing their current provider are slim until your target has a reason to get ditch them. The reasons to ditch their current vendor can include better pricing (usually not the case), the current vendor has made unforgiving mistakes, the thrill is gone or there are no results to justify the investment.

So how do you position yourself to slap them in the face when the time comes or as the time winds down to your turn? You have to think beyond just the “WOW” approach. You want to slap them so hard that they tell their friends and colleagues how great it felt. As a matter-of-fact you want to slap them in front of enough people so that everyone that witnesses the encounter can’t wait to stand in line to get slapped.

So here are few general principles that you need to know to be an effective slapper:

  1. Don’t physically slap anyone as this will defeat your purpose (at least for the purpose of marketing).
  2. In marketing, the name of the game is interruption. In order for you to get new clients you no longer have to wow them you have to slap them with an experience that they are not used to.
  3. Slapping is not a one time deal you have to do it over and over again.
  4. Find out what your customers or prospects wish they could get from their current vendor and any potential vendor (including yourself) that they are currently not getting. Then slap them with that feature.
  5. Always try to build campaigns that force your target to share with someone else online and offline. It’s sort of like sending flowers to someone’s place of employment. Everyone at their place of business would like to get involved, be nosy, find out who the flowers are from and talk about it.

Disclaimer: If you decide to physically slap someone please do not contact me for bail money, back-up or moral support. You’re on your own.


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