Good Mornings Suck!

Good MorningWhy are greetings so bland these days? I was at the register of retail store recently and the cashier asked how I was doing. His body language did not reflect that he cared about my answer. This was probably just the phrase that he used to let me know that I was the current customer that he was attending to.

My thought was that maybe the cashier was in a bad mood or had something going on in his life that he could not shake off at the moment. So rather than letting his negative energy consume me I responded to his question (while glancing at his name tag) by saying “I’m Incredible Josh, how about you?” Suddenly he lifted his head, smiled and his entire attitude changed for the better. He began talking as if finally someone was paying him attention and he instantly seemed open to any information that I was willing to share with him. He went so far as to inform me about products that would be on sale the next day and how I could get a better deal on some items if I came back tomorrow.

Most greetings are really rhetorical questions that the person on the receiving-end answers as a means of being polite. “I’m fine”, “I’m OK”, “I’m hanging in there” are such lame responses that you might as well not respond at all. Change up your attitude and use better words and phrases when responding to greetings. Use words like incredible, amazing, fantastic and watch the body language of the person that you are responding to suddenly change. You may mistakenly or purposely help someone feel better about themselves and about their day.

So the next time someone says “Good Morning” don’t say “Good Morning” in response. Respond by saying “Yes it is a Good Morning, how are you doing?” You just might open a door to a new relationship that will advance you closer to your goals.


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