Why being hard headed can help you succeed

Team Work

I remember so many things my mom used to tell me during my youth. “Don’t do that”, “Don’t do this”, “Always watch this”, “Never watch that”. It was as though she had some instruction manual memorized from her mom that she was verbally passing on to me and my sisters. I always heard them however I didn’t always listen. That’s when I realized that some rules I would have to learn for myself. Of course, I say that in hindsight.

In marketing it’s the same. There are so many “rules” and “laws” in marketing that it will drive you crazy trying adhering to them. Do yourself a favor, experiment. The way business is conducted these days call for new ways of thinking and believe it or not in order to be on top someone is going to have to make a sacrifice and put it all on the line just to see what happens. Google reinvented the way search engines work and experimented with auctioning ad space. They made a bet and won. Apple took a risk with the I-Phone and made it into a huge success. They didn’t follow the rules they re-wrote them.

The key to experimenting is developing a great team so if you decide to go out on a limb and stick your head where it doesn’t belong, you’ll have some help getting it out so you can try something else until you get the hang of it.


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