No News is Good News when Networking

It’s hard to be interested in a conversation when you know everything. Knowing everything is by no means being a “know it all”. A “Know it All” is someone you can’t tell anything to because he or she already know how to, when to, where to, and why to. Knowing everything means that you are so connected with information that it is hard to hold a conversation that you can sincerely be interested in and as a result you are already thinking about what you are going to say in a conversation before the speaker finishes their sentence.

For the next 48 hours, test to see how interesting conversations can be without you being deeply connected in information. Disconnect yourself from watching the news or querying news from the internet. 95% of the news that you hear or read about does not affect you directly to the point where it affects a decision that you will need to make. Much of the news-type information that you will need in order to make prudent decisions come from conversations or interactions with an actual person or group of people.

If you are a heavy social networker then you already know that your network will introduce you to relevant news as it pertains to you as a person or your networks psychographic profile. As you meet new contacts that strike up conversations with you about news worthy events, your posture will be sincere as you become curious about news-worthy events that you haven’t heard about or have been collecting information about through your network.

Besides the current affairs or news events that you hear online or from traditional resources are major events. It’s the small affairs and minor news that truly affect you the most.

Make your conversations interesting. This will “Give People a Reason to Talk about You”


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