How to Start a Conversation

Life is a contact sport. The more productive contacts that you have the better off in the world you will be. People are here to help you as you are here to help them. The faster you find out the ones that you are here to help the faster you will helped. So, you might as well learn how to filter out those that you can help and those that you can introduce to others to help. It’s starts with a conversation.

The best formula for starting a conversation anywhere with anyone is to understand the acronym of F.O.R.M.

This acronym if followed correctly, coupled with truly listening to the person that you are speaking with, will result in being the foundation of a potentially productive conversation. You may learn more about the person than you ever anticipated.

The key to starting the conversation is to use F.O.R.M. to ask open-ended question, sincerely listen to the answers and to be able to build more questions from some of the content from the answer without sounding like a reporter. Being truly interested also helps.

The acronym covers what most people love to talk about however you will probably want to go in an order that will allow you to ask and build a segue to the next letter if you are stalled in your conversation.

F = Family

O= Occupation

R= Recreation

M= Money or Material Possessions

Learn to conversate with others as you build your business and “Give People a Reason to Talk about You


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