Be the Master – A Word with Master Boozer

Master Boozer

Master Boozer

As often as possible we like to interview fun and exciting people in the interest of learning more about their experience marketing the things that they do best. We pose the questions and are guests answer them. We would like to introduce you to a Martial Arts Master, Wayne Boozer a.k.a. Master Boozer ( Follow him, get to know him and learn from him. The best teachers are excellent students.

His Bio

I’m a 16 year student of the martial arts and a 12 year veteran of the marine industry.  I was only recently transplanted into the League City, Texas area with the company Team Services & Liquid Transfer. I ran a pretty successful inner city karate program for men, women and children in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at a local YMCA; with our crowning achievement being a trip to Acapulco to compete against students from around the entire world.  Happily married and a father of 3, I now look to start another karate program here in my local area.  My grandmaster once told me to “teach from the heart and the students will come”.  Sometimes it’s not easy balancing family life, the career and my passion for teaching; but idle hands are the devil’s handiwork….and there’s too much knowledge not to share!

Marketing Questions/Answers:

1.                  Tell us about the greatest marketing mistake that you ever made and what you learned from it?

The biggest mistake in marketing that I’ve ever made is to sit, wait, and assume that something will be dropped into my lap.  I’ve experienced a lot of good luck over the years, but that’s all it was.  The things that you really want, you really have to hustle for.  I’m trying to open another karate school for example.  Because I’m doing it unassisted, I see just how much work it is.

2.                  In your field what is the single most important rule to remember when it comes to marketing?

Ha!  Be ready to jump into action at any time and any place.  You never know when opportunity is going to knock, and it WILL pass you by if you’re not prepared.  It seems like such a simple rule to follow, but few people actually do.

3.                  What Social Network are most addicted to? Why?

It’s a close race between twitter and Facebook.  I discovered Facebook when I found that all of my old high school buddies were there, and I always refer to it as MySpace for old folks.  Still, I seem to be a natural at twitter, and my interest in the social networking thing is growing.

4.                  What is the funniest marketing story that you continue to talk about to this day?

Y’know, I’m in 2 fields.  I’m in the marine industry by day, and I teach martial arts at night.  Believe it or not, there are a LOT of similarities in leadership.  As far as funny, stories go; I’d have to say that it involves martial arts.  We instructors have an old saying.  You’ll either love the class or I’ll chase you away permanently.  It’s amazing how many lifelong students you get with statements like this……

5.                  As a consumer what company’s marketing campaign do you enjoy the most?

Honestly, if you make me laugh, I’m going to pay attention.  So many companies have learned to tap into that sort of thing as well (especially in a world where the economy isn’t cooperating).  I find myself paying the most attention to LaQuinta and Progressive these days.  Endearing characters that make me smile.

Master Wayne Boozer

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Thank you Master Boozer for sharing your experience and “Giving People a Reason to Talk about You”



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