Are you sure you’re in the right business?

Could it be possible that the business that you think you are in is not quite the business that you are really in?

It seems that no matter what business you claim to be your calling card, marketing is your main business and the selling of your product or service becomes the score card for your marketing success.

Products and services, good or bad, will be purchased by consumers as a result of a great marketing strategy being effectively executed. If a product or service is a bad one or one that does not meet the standard of the customer than a great marketing strategy will have a means of handling the situation and creating an overall satisfactory experience for the buyer in order to reduce the risk of negative gossip.

Marketing consist of several areas including packaging, pricing, advertising, promotions, public relations, positioning, customer service, to name a few.

All businesses market just as all people are sales people. Some are better than others. Those that not strong in the area of marketing learn or hire someone that is strong while they focus on the things that they are strong at.

Marketing is your business not a department.


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