Immerse Yourself

Since people like to do business with people they like and trust then it would make since to start meeting new people on purpose. You are limited in growing your business by the amount of people that you are currently acquainted with. Most of the people that you currently associate were probably met by circumstance. Either you met them at an event, passing the time or in a middle of a daily routine.

If this is the case why not make it a habit to start doing things that you like to do and in doing them begin meeting new people and build relationships that over time can turn into business, friendships and referral networks.

If you want to get more involved with your children’s school life then sign up for the PTA and get involved in a committee. If you have certain skills that you would like to improve upon than join a group or meetup where people have similar goals and objectives. If you want to stay fit, work out in a gym around people serious about fitness. If you really want to learn Spanish then insert yourself into a village of people that only speak Spanish and the only way to survive, especially eat, would be to pick up on the language swiftly. I’m sure you would become fluent in Spanish in no time. Immerse yourself into what you like.

You can increase your chance of success by injecting yourself into a community.  Find a community of people that reflect the people that you will need that can help you get to the next level. Just remember you have to help them get to the next level first and at that point you will “Give People a Reason to Talk about You


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