Why are you so loyal?

As a business you may want to study loyalty patterns that can assist you with obtaining and maintaining the business of your customer or clients. Although there are many theories and concepts on how to build brand loyalty, company loyalty, product loyalty or raving fans a lot of times it boils down to the basics.

If you are looking to start a business or sell a service or product identify your 10 closest friends, family members, colleagues or a mixture of all 3 and then perform a study. However before you perform this study be sure that you evaluate yourself as well. This study is only for the purpose of studying loyalty patterns although you may get more out of it.

Here is what you will need to ask your study group:

  • At what store do you shop for food and why?
  • At what store do you shop for clothes and why?
  • At what restaurant do you enjoy eating at and why?
  • How did you hear about these places?
  • What happened that convince you to keep going to these places that had nothing to do with saving money?
  • What was the last thing that you purchased but really didn’t use?

These are just a few questions. I encourage you to make up your own to spark a full blown conversation so that you may listen for loyalty signals. Most loyalty signals will be emotional words. The people you pick will have generally the same patterns because people tend to associate with people that they have at least one thing in common.

Once you evaluate your answers use the research to help develop a loyalty campaign for your wares and then approach the same people as if your business already exist however do not claim it as yours but someone else’s. Let them tell you what they think.

Marketing is mix of many things including understanding behavior patterns and basic research. You perform enough of these you can turn your customers into evangelist and “Give Them a Reason to Talk about You.”


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