What your momma should of taught you about name dropping.

Name dropping has always been an interesting technique that people use to verify or increase their position in a transaction especially when it comes to a conversation. Some people abuse the tactic of name dropping while others use it in a tasteful manner.

It is important to understand the best uses for name dropping and how to increase its affect when positioning yourself in the midst of a conversation. Name dropping should only be used if it can benefit yourself as well as the contact’s name that you are dropping or the person you are conversing with. Merely dropping a name to show that you may know a person has very little affect on someone in a position to help you get to the next level, even if that next level is an event or inside a network of people.

The next time you name drop, figure out how your contact name that you are dropping (hopefully he or she has heard of the person) to your conversation partner can help that partner out. If you want to increase your position farther use your cell to call your contact, explain the situation and make a recommendation about how you and your contact can increase your conversation partner position. If do not have access to the persons name that you dropped than you better not drop it.

If someone drops a name on you in a conversation request that he or she give that person a call because you may have something that he or she may be interested in. This may get rid of a useless conversation so you will have time to converse with someone else and “Give People a Reason to Talk about You


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