How are you? Fine and You? Who Cares?

One most effective marketing tool that a person has is conversation. Conversation makes the world go around. Although we may Tweet, email, fax or text information to one another, nothing beats speaking to a live, breathing and emotional human being.


Why is it when the opportunity presents itself to speak to someone in person or over the phone we asks and respond in average cliché’s such as


How are you?

I’m fine and you?

I’m fine.


Or you may say good morning and the response is the same. However what are we actually saying?


People are so busy thinking about themselves that they forget that human interaction is the opportunity to advance to the next stage of the development needed to succeed. This is only completed by helping as many people get what they want. Have you notice when you greet someone that most people jut past right by each other in the midst of the greeting. Does “I’m fine” would brighten up your day or anyone elses day? Is “Good Morning” a question or a statement of how good your morning is or are you telling the other person to have a good morning?


Try this and watch the other person’s reaction:

  • When greeting someone or someone is greeting you do your best to stop and greet. If the person walks by you as people normally do when greeting then turn around until you are finished you’re greeting even if they keep walking by. Sometimes people can feel you looking at them or feel the passion in your response and turn around to reciprocate your effort.
  • When someone ask how you are doing say one the following (Incredible, I’m Amazed, Fantastic) and then tell the person why. If the person asking has taken the time to ask they may be looking for inspiration, so inspire.
  • If someone says “Good Morning”, then you say “Yes it is!” and then you tell them why it is.

You have to say the above with some passion and meaning. If you do not have anything to be excited about then you are nearly alive and not living, so find someone who is exciting and find out what they are doing.


Once you begin this practice when greeting you will find that people are excited to be around you and will be willing to help you reach your goals and “Give People a Reason to Talk about You“.


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