Public Speaking. Are you sure you are afraid?

What if most people who said they were afraid to speak in public actually were not? It seems that most people do not mind speaking in public if they truly believe in what they are speaking about. I’m willing to bet that if a person believed without any doubts about the subject matter that they were asked to speak about than the fear would drive them to speak, not prevent it. They may speak without being asked.

What if someone asked you to speak to a group of 20 people about the effects of lung cancer? The average person that knew a little about it or quite a bit may not be comfortable speaking to a crowd about it. If that lung cancer had taken the life of someone in your family that you really cared about and telling your story would prevent someone else that you love from participating in activities that would cause it. Would a person speak then?

If you caught your child smoking with 15 of his friends while the kids parents were in the next room. Would you speak then?

It may not be that people are afraid to speak in public as much as people are afraid that others will find out what they don’t know when they do speak.

Get past your fear and “Give People a Reason to Talk about You”


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