Key People You Better Know!

You have a new business, a new idea or a serious objective? You will need key people on your team to take it from just talking, to doing and then achieving. Choose your team strategically. You should be a benefit to your network or core team just as much as they are a benefit to you. In the words of Zig Ziglar “In order to get what you want you have to help enough people get what they want”

The following are 13 people you need in your Primary or Secondary Network

  1. Attorney – Don’t use this person for free advice. Pay him or her just due. Attorneys come a dime a dozen however a connected attorney is worth their weight in gold.
  2. Politician – You always want to have your ear to the ground when dealing in business. Understanding the political environment especially in your local government can assist you with hedging risk and predicting opportunities. A well connected politician is icing on the cake.
  3. Connector – This person seems like they know everyone and everyone knows them. Sometimes you may not know what this person does for a living but he or she seems to hob knob with everyone. You need tickets to a game, done. You need to find out where the mayor eats for lunch, done. Keep this person close because you will never know who you will need to meet or find out more about.
  4. Police Officer – This person is not only great for courtesy cards but if something goes down with one of your children, a family member or a friend this contact may be a great source of information. Also if you’re leaving out of town for a while they can add a little extra protection for your home by driving by.
  5. Real Estate Agent – So what if you know how to make millions with no money down schemes. An agent can be a helpful source of information when looking at residential and commercial opportunities to invest excess capital. A connected agent will have deals for you that your friends would drool over not to mention if you send some folks their way it may be something in it for you.
  6. IT Connect – Never leave home without one in your contact database. This is a person you need to call when you do not feel like being on the phone selecting option 1 and then waiting five minutes on hold to finally speak to a recording. If you have an IT Guy that can problem solve and integrate technologies then you’re on your way to collecting, managing and distributing information at the speed of thought.
  7. Advisor/Coach – This is the person that you go to when you need a hard look at yourself. He or she will give you the big boy or big girl talk rather you like it or not. If connected great if not then as long as your advisor makes you look at an issue in another perspective than you’re on your way to success. Just make sure that he or she has been where you are going. If you run your own business then he should be successful at his.
  8. Assistant (Personal or Virtual) – Either way you need someone that you can delegate tasks that our not core productive activities but need completing. Tasks such as checking voicemails and texting you the summary, typing or reviewing documents, searching for flights or booking trips for the best prices, confirming appointments and updating your contacts and appointment calendar is prime territory for your PA or VA. Write down 25 tasks that you perform on a regular basis and 80 percent of that list can be eliminated or delegated to someone else.
  9. Mr. Big – This person should be wealthy, not rich but wealthy. You should be able to ask this person for $50k if you provided a plan on how you’re going to use it and give it back. Just don’t ask for money. You pay for the lunch’s and coffee outings. You need this person because of contacts and a rainy day. You don’t ask as this person may give you the money but you may loose the connection for the price.
  10. Finance Guru – I was told “money is not everything but its right up there next to oxygen”. You need this contact to guide you through managing financial issues such as taxes, various kinds of banking, taxes, investments, taxes, setting up companies, taxes and last but limited to; taxes. If this person is a CPA great if not he should be able to introduce you to a CPA or any financial professional. This contact should be dealing actively in financing as well.
  11. Physician – If you do not have a primary physician then you need to find one fast. This contact can help keep you alive to enjoy the success you worked so hard for.
  12. Marketing/Sales Contact – This person should be the contact that is an expert and spreading ideas and getting the buy-in from people. Everything has a market of potential buyers so this person should be able to convince a dog that it’s a cat.
  13. Spiritual Guide – This is a key contact for the faithful. You need this contact to keep your head leveled and your chin upright. Having this guide will keep you at peace while the room is in chaos and walk with you in the right spiritual direction.

If you have to look for a resource anywhere else besides your network then you’re not well connected. Make sure your contacts are the best at what they do as you will need to be the small fish in a big pond and verify everything when vetting your contacts. You are the people that you surround yourself with.

Getting the connections is not as beneficial as the people you meet and the lesson you learn digging through your network and your network’s network to find the above contacts. If you can get this concept it will not only escalate your success it will “Give People a Reason to Talk about You“.


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