How to have more fun Social Networking

Social Networking is not being used to its fullest capacity. Many people are still at the beginning stages of their networking experience. Hours are spent by individuals updating their status and posting comments that after a while seem mundane and eventually the thrill is gone.

Take the same habit and transfer it to a physical networking environment. You walk into a room filled with various people. Many of the people you know but have not seen in a while. Some of the people you see on a regular basis. The rest of the time you are at the event you begin to randomly share pictures of yourself and updating the people you know about what you are doing at any and every moment. After a while it becomes a boring routine for you and the people that you know.

There is another group of people in the room that you overlooked, the people that your friends and associates know. Not only did you overlook them but you may have also passed over an opportunity to meet some new and interesting people. In addition, it’s the people you do not know that can help you get past the limitations that are presented by the people you already know.

If you networked properly with the people you know already than you will know the limitations of the relationship. This limitation is not a reflection of skill or talent but all relationships in any environment has its limits. However if you are introduced to another that can help advance that relationship then you could possibly better position you and the person you already know.

Let’s say you were searching for someone to build a deck for your home for a reasonable price. This search is not an aggressive search however within a couple of months you may be looking to install one to entertain guests. You attend a networking event or just a random social gathering and you are catching up on old times with some friends. You notice one of your friends is there with one of their friends in which you request an introduction. After the introduction and several minutes of group conversation and funny stories your new buddy mentions in one of her stories that her brother is a carpenter. What just happened? You now have a new buddy and a new opportunity.

Social Networking is the same. Make it a goal to ask your friends in your network to introduce you to at least one interesting friend that they have for the sole purpose of meeting someone new. If the saying is true, “Your Network equals your Net worth”, we may need to pick up the pace if we want to productively get to where we are going.

Meet someone new and “Give People a Reason to Talk about You”


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