Before You Kick Them Out of The House

If you could go back to when you were 18 and on your way to college or wherever you went after graduating high school, what would you have improved about yourself? Don’t think to hard because at this point it’s useless however in the spirit of having a second chance through your children or someone that might as well be your child here is a list of skills that you may want to impart on your offspring (paternal or not) that could increase their marketability and success after high school.

  1. Become fluent in a foreign language. The world is getting smaller and various cultures are communicating on a regular basis. For the person who is bi or multi-lingual the world is in the palm of their hands. Once they learn one language it becomes easier to pick up similiar languages. Pig Latin does not count in this category. Try these courses, Learning Spanish Like Crazy or Learning Italian Like Crazy.
  2. Acquire a Real Estate License. Who cares if they do not like selling homes and the market is in disarray. Your offspring will be in sells all of their life (looking for jobs, asking for promotions, acquiring a spouse). Why not sell a home. When your child needs some money tell them to sell a house. They’ll make more money than you would give them and learn a lot more in the process. As they network in college and build their contacts they are bound to reap the rewards later when their classmates start purchasing homes.
  3. Learn to speak in public. The scariest thing in the world next to death is public speaking. Get them past the hurdle early. Public speaking builds confidence and teaches them valuable skills in the process. Not many people can speak in public but those who have made it into an art form reap huge rewards. Toastmasters is an organization that teaches this art. They have adult classes as well as classes for young adults. Get them registered.
  4. Financial Literacy. You know the credit cards are coming and everyone remembers their “First”. You might as well prepare them. Two books we recommend, “The Rules of Money” by Richard Templar and “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. These two books (audio books are available) will point them in the right direction in understanding money, starting their own business, credit reports and understanding what happens when you loan friends money that do not have jobs. Pay your offspring to read them. You’ll pay less now or more later when you are “Loaning” (child slang for giving) them money later for mistakes you could have helped prevent.
  5. Fitness. There’s no sense working hard to be successful and at the same time trying to catch your breath to enjoy it. Show them how to work out by working out with them even if you take walks one day a week to talk. A healthy diet is important as well. Lead the way.
  6. Play hard. Show them how to enjoy life in the middle of chaos. Take mini-vacations or one tank trips to somewhere weird. Test drive an expensive car or rent and expensive room for one night in a hotel and invite friends to come and swim in the pool. Whatever the event do it big.
  7. Trust in God. This skill should be the first in this list however it is at the bottom of this list because it is the foundation of everything above it. Teach them to have faith by them witnessing your faith in action. Show them peace in the midst of chaos and calm in the midst of the storm. This will help them reduce stress, build a relationship with the creator and be a productive asset to mankind.

Of course there are a few more skills that we could have inserted however the point is to get you started now with some basics to “Give People a Reason to Talk about You” and your offspring.


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