How to Teach People about Your Time

Everytime you agree to an  appointment you have marketed and sold your time. It’s amazing how many meetings that people attend that are not productive and another meeting is set up to finish the first meeting. In addition to that if you add up the time that was spent making the actual decision (if one was ever made) that the meeting was based upon you will find that it was probally less than 15 minutes. This is done by having all the needed facts before the meeting (That’s another blog).

No one cares about your time as much as you do because everyone is busy caring about theirs or not caring as much about theirs as they should.  Either way when it comes to time yours should be priority while taking in consideration and respecting someone elses time.

Believe it or not we teach people how we want to be treated by how we treat ourselves.  Here are several ways to teach people how you feel about your time and how they should treat it:

  1. If possible set meetings on odd times of the clock. No longer set meetings at the top of the hour on or 15, 30 or 45 minutes on the hour. Begin setting meetings at odd times for example 10:17 or 2:48. When you set meetings at these times people will tend to remember the time and respect the fact the you use your minutes wisely.
  2. If you did not initiate the meeting ask for an agenda so that you can prepare questions that will get people to get to the point of the meeting. This will also allow you to align your facts if needed.
  3. Ask for the action items and who will be accountable. Before the meeting is over it is important to understand the next steps so obtaining action items (at least 3) and finding out who is assigned to them will help tremendously.
  4. Narrow your day down to 3 important tasks. Everything else delegate, automate or eliminate. Inform those who dump additional tasks on you or make the request of how you manage your time. Let them know that this system makes you a more productive person for yourself and them.
  5. Batch your habits into time frames. Checking emails, voice mails, social networks should be batched in time frames. Inform others of the time frames by using auto-responders and voice mails.
  6. Presentation are not meetings. If you are going to be presented to, let the presenter know the amount of time that they have or find out how much time they will need and cut it in half. They will get to the point faster and give you a more productive presentation.

These are just a few ways to market your time to others when working.  Learn how to treat yourself when it comes to your time so that you can continue to “Give People a Reason to Talk about You“.


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