No one cares about your product or service!

No one really cares about “Your” product or service. They only care about the experience that they have before, during or after it use. Typically they can obtain your product or service from some other business. The purchase of “Your” product or service is just a souvenir that represents the experience. And with any worthwhile souvenir, customers do not mind showing it off to others.

There are many products and services that are available and there are also a multitude of experiences that a person can have. The two main experiences, Good and bad can only be gauged by emotions. A person’s emotion is enticed by how sensitive the senses are for any individual. And since the brain does not know right from wrong it begins to justify (if no mental discipline exist) the emotional feeling from the experience, this is how some people can be duped into bad investment and make less than productive decision (present company included).

A prime example is the Physical Fitness Industry. Many of the products available will work with the stated results if the discipline to follow through on the program is committed to. However the exercise machines and programs are purchased as a result of the emotion one has of getting into shape that is being justified by the need to be healthy. For some people they will purchase any and every program for others they will purchase one and stop and pick it back up later, if at all. Another example is that some women have shoes for every outfit and will only wear the ensemble once and some men have tools or gadgets that they never use but felt it was a good idea to purchase the item at the time.

When selling a product or service (including yourself to an employer) make sure that you set the stage so that those who have the power to make a commitment to buy, or can influence the individual that can make that commitment, will have a great experience and would be interested in a souvenir. When presenting your wares make a serious attempt to entice the sense of smell, taste, hearing, sight and touch. People digest information differently the more senses that are involved the better chance that you have to appeal to their emotions and create a good experience. Great experiences result in great gossip about your “goods” and it helps in “Giving People a Reason to Talk about You”


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