How to Improve your Resume

When listing your previous job experience in your resume, do not list your job description; list previous “Wins”. Employers are searching for candidates to solve a problem that exist or will exist in the future. These problems could potentially decrease the company’s productivity and eventually affect the bottom line. The team at the company in charge of reading resumes could care less about what you did in your previous job as it relates to your job description; they are looking for the “Wins” that you obtained with measurable results. The Hiring Manager is looking for any signs that you are a problem solver that could potentially improve the area for which the company is hiring. Simply put, the employer is looking for results. Your resume should be a teaser that will entice the reader to want to to more about you and will break their necks to request an interview with you to find out how you accomplished your “Wins”.

When completing the previous job sections on your resume for each job, list a maximum of three bullet points. The three bullet points should reflect your “Wins”. The simplest way to present this is by brainstorming. Think about the previous job and what the problems were when you were hired. The next step is to think about how you resolved the problem as a team member and as an individual. The final step, how did this improve company productivity using a measurable result. Always use an action word at the beginning of each bullet point. The following is example of completed bullet point:

Usual Bullet Point
• Responsible for training customer service representatives.

Effective Bullet Point
• Conducted a customer service training program that improved customer satisfaction by 20%.

The above example proves, at least on paper, that you were able to solve a problem. Once you are called for an interview you will be able to tell the story about your journey to accomplish a 20% improvement. The story should be fascinating with serious and humorous points. The resume will set the tone for the interview if prepared properly.

This is only a small piece of the tactic you need to deliver and effective resume but critical step in “Giving People a Reason to Talk about You”


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