How to meet new people

How many people do you meet on a daily basis? How many people do you have the opportunity to meet but do not notice? If getting the word out about what you do will help you win new clients or customers then you may want to start paying attention to the opportunities that you miss. Believe it or not your best referral source is not only your current or past customers but the people you see everyday or individuals that you meet while waiting in line or performing your usual routine.

Here’s a challenge. Purchase 25 thank you notes that are blank inside (I usually find some interesting ones at the dollar store). After that purchase a book of stamps and store the cards and the stamps in your automobile or in your purse (man bags included for those that carry them). Make a commitment to introduce yourself to five people everyday. The five people you meet will have to have an address to receive the a thank you card. If its a gas station attendant then send it to their job. Don’t just send it to anyone because you said hello but complement them on a good job or having a great conversation. The key is to have the recipient remember you once they receive your card.

At the end of your day or while sitting in your car fill out your thank you cards with something on the inside referencing your conversation and tell them thanks for the conversation, great customer service or something that you were thankful for at the time you introduced yourself. Place a business card inside the card and mail immediately (receiving a thank you card the day after meeting someone will blow the recipients mind).

Do this everyday for 5 days at a minimum.  For the first week include people you know and just met for the next week do this with people that you are meeting for the first time. The goal is to show appreciation while building a network of people that talk about you and that could possible send you a referral. People like to do business or send referrals to people they like.


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