What makes you so different?

A while ago I sat down with a new business prospect to make a presentation on how we could assist with moving inventory that this business was responsible for.  Before the presentation I spent 15 minutes or so listening to their method of doing business and their experience with several of their suppliers.  As I do with all of my new clients I informed them that we do not want to disrupt current marketing relationships we would like to be the “Word of Mouth” Experts that they use when the time is right.  As I was presenting solutions on how we could be of value to their current way of marketing one of the agents asked

“Why should we do business with you, what makes you so different?”

After silencing the butterflies that one gets when caught off guard I asked her for a couple of seconds to reflect on the question.  I pondered on the programs that we developed to assist businesses and why we developed them in addition to our normal offerings and service criteria to the clients decision making team. After maybe about 10 seconds I stated to the team that “most firms will not tell you this however we at bLaBbErWoRkS know that your business is our bread and butter so in order for us to succeed at reaching our goal we first need to assist you the client with reaching yours and as a by-product of your success we will realize ours”

Since that meeting our firm and attitude have matured as a result of reinforcing that statement. Our company’s Credo of “Giving People a Reason to Talk about You” is what we stand by not just for our clients but for our partners, employees and their families.

What do you stand behind, why do you do what you do?


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