The Art of the Thank You Card

I would like to share a technique that is not new however it is effective with generating quality leads and awareness of your personal brand. I was recently at a restaurant with a good friend of mine discussing the next 6 months of 2009 and what our goals and objectives were. Our waitress was excellent and performed over and above our expectations to the point that we both commented her and thanked her for her service. As usual at the end of the meal I signed the slip for the bill and left my business card. Upon leaving the restaurant I picked up the business card for the manager and went on my way. After departing my friend, I sat in my car and pulled out three of my many thank you cards that I carry around and wrote my dinner guest, the waitress as well as the manager of the restaurant a thank you note and informed the manager of the exceptional service that I received and of course, I inserted my business card. At that point I located a mail box and off the notes went. About a week later I received a phone call from the manager of the restaurant who thanked me for the card and ask me about the type of campaigns that I specialized in. After informing him he immediately gave me a number of a colleague who could use my assistance. As of right now we are working with his colleague on a campaign to get more people talking about his business . The waitress from the restaurant sent me a thank you note for my thank you note and inserted her card as well. As a side job she does graphic design work.

Personalized thank you notes are incredible. I attempt to send out five cards per day. I send them to cashiers at the grocery store, gas station attendants and anyone who I may have had a conversation with to the point that I have a name and mailing address to send it. More importantly I send them the same day so that they receive it in the next day or two. Although I receive quality referrals from my thank you notes I take pride in seeing people smile and feel appreciated. Our business is an emotional one and people like to do business with people that can make them feel great.

Hope this helps with getting more people to talk about you.


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