Choosing colors for branding

Light travels faster than sound is the world known concept. The same way having a colorful identity for your brand reaches the consumers faster than any other medium.

By nature the sunlight is a composition of the seven colors Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red (VIBGYOR). Hence to reach a long distance red is used, this the simple reason to use Red color in the traffic signals to indicate danger or stop. These colors are not just selected by accident but from deep research studies carried by many scientists.

It is equally important to choose the colors for your brands to get a positive identity. Another way that the colors could be perceived is with contrast between red and green. If you see a red dot enclosed in a red square on any of the edible items it’s universally understood that it is a Non-Vegetarian, whereas if it is a green dot enclosed with a green square its Vegetarian.

Similarly you have to be careful in choosing the colors for your brand. Studies have shown the fact that human eyes have more impact on the colors that is seen. Colors like white, silver, grey would give your brand a soft reach, these colors denote peace, smooth etc. Colors like red, orange yellow would give an immediate attraction. Other colors like Blue, Purple, and Black would give a majestic look.

If you plan to promote your brands internationally you have to be more cautious in choosing the colors. In different countries the colors have different meanings. Countries like Pakistan have a religious respect for green color and in India it is same for the saffron. Misuse of these colors for your brands in the above countries would give a negative impact for your brand.

Making a good choice of the colors to your brand will help your product reach world wide. No matter whether people pronounce the company name Cadbury in apt accent but once the name is heard every one would remember the majestic color with the combination gold.

As a famous quote by Pablo Picasso says “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.Choose the best colors to kindle the right emotions of the customers to whom you would like to market your product.


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