The Truth about Taglines

“Service 1st”, “We Treat Customers Right”, “We Help People”, “We Give Professional Services”, Blah…Blah…Blah…

Those are just some of the Taglines that I have been hearing lately. It’s almost better for some companies not to have one. Your Tagline, if any, should express and tell customer’s what they should expect beyond the obvious. The obvious incorporates the above Taglines otherwise don’t open your front doors. Your customers should be saying that about you to others you shouldn’t have to tell your customer. The best way to develop a Tagline is to make is an active statement in the present tense so when a customer is reading it they can apply it to their current situation immediately. In addition, you want to make it an action statement using “ing” in the first word. Finally make sure the statement can be analyzed, measured and proven. By adjusting your Tagline for your company, your outlook on how you serve your customers improves.


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